Using an Ethernet cable or if you don’t have an Ethernet cable you can connect using WIFI.

For WIFI go to

Select your WIFI
Enter your password
Click Connect

Open the back of the keypad where the battery is. Take out the USB dongle and put it in any USB slot on the box.

The keypad will now automatically work

Use the cable provided to charge the keypad from time to time.

If there’s ever a problem with Kodi

  1. Restart the Box
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Open Kodi Build Installer App
  4. Click Install

This will delete Kodi files and any errors it might have and reinstall a fresh working version.

If you’re using the Quasar addon in Kodi make sure you always delete downloaded files,  You can do this from within Kodi on the main menu or exit out of Kodi, Open Es File Explorer App and delete anything inside of your downloads folder.

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